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We strive to find Mexican silver, Vintage, antique and some newer jewelry that sets itself apart from the rest! Please contact us at LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! as we are always buying older Mexican silver.

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    This is an early Mexico City repousse necklace. The Matlesque swirls within the design can not be denied. The patina is dark and gorgeous. Each link is 7/8th of an inch wide and 1.5 inches long making this quite a show stopper. The necklace is 21 inches long. Hallmarked Mexican Silver as shown and weighing 91 grams heavy. This is a rare one, just LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!
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    A heavy 70grams and sizable 1.25in. wide bracelet made and signed by Hector Aguilar. THIS IS NOT A CORO BRACELET. A pre 1948 piece that is a surprise to wear because it does NOT fit in a round shape. It takes the shape more like a stop sign with almost straight lines coming off the balls that ingeniously hide the hinges. This bracelet is just shy of 7in. in length. The balls take up wearable length in this style and most that I have seen are short and become even shorter when on. This one is comfortable to wear. All panels are a wee bit different in one stroke or another as they are hand made and chased. A real treasure!

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    This is a heavy Mexican sterling cuff weighing 101 grams. It is primitively curled and turned with thick filigree strips of silver. The stone is very large and without chips or damage measuring 1.5 inches top to bottom. The face of the entire piece is 2.5in. tall. The cuff will fit most if given a push up the arm. The gap is 1.25in. in the back of the cuff. The diameter is 2.25 inches. The recesses are heavily darkened and the piece has been left to age. It appears to have a gold tone but it is just the lighting used in the pix. The sides have a leaf motif and the whole piece is simply stunning.