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We strive to find Mexican silver, Vintage, antique and some newer jewelry that sets itself apart from the rest! Please contact us at LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! as we are always buying older Mexican silver.

  • Vintage Mexican Silver Amethyst Disk Pre-48 Necklace

    This is a delightful Mexican silver pierced work ornament for holidays or just for your kitchen window!It measures 3.5in. long by 3 in. wide and is 3 dimensional in its shape. The weight is 25.3 grams and is in superb condition. Signed by Janna and her torch hallmark for Janna Thomas de Velarde who designed and produced silver from 1965 to 1980. She was famous for her work for Tiffany's of New York. This is a tree of life with a bird perched on the top. Really a treasure!

  • Vintage Mexican Silver Amethyst Disk Pre-48 Necklace
    Definitely Aguilar inspired and is very close in design to his hollow ware items. It is barely over an inch in height and has an outstanding weight of 97grams. There are shadows in the photography so please look at all pictures. Strong rivets to hold the weight and it lays beautifully. Not signed as it is an early piece but fabulous and very well kept with no damages. Just, LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!
  • Vintage Mexican Silver Amethyst Disk Pre-48 Necklace
    Extraordinary Margot de Taxco design #5326 very old and rare doves necklace is a heavy 70 grams. The necklace is 14.5 plus the curves to the doves added in and I believe it fits me like a 15 or 15.5in. length. The doves are 1in. tall at the widest. The bodies are repousse with a carved wing added to the top and it is done with such grace. The eyes are interesting as they are perfect tiny balls that are set on the head. The doves wear a beaded necklace that is a beautiful touch. Hallmarked properly as shown and with no damage of any kind. Truly rare , just LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!