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We strive to find Mexican silver, Vintage, antique and some newer jewelry that sets itself apart from the rest! Please contact us at LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! as we are always buying older Mexican silver.

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    Rafael Dominguez was known for extremely high quality silver designs. This pre-1948 cuff is no exception and was important enough to be included with a full page picture in the book MEXICAN SILVER by Morrill and Berk. It is 1 1/8in. wide and weighs 50 grams. The gap is one inch and there is a roomy 2.5in. diameter which fits most sizes and it can be sized by a professional jeweler. Hallmarked appropriately as shown. A real treasure!
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    Beautiful pre-48 Mexican sterling repousse bracelet being 7.5in. long and a dynamic 1.25in. wide. Lots of stones and heft at 52 grams. Marked Mexico silver and really some wonderful craftmanship here and the stones are natural with milk swirl and inner striations.
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    Here we have a beautiful old pre-1948 repousse brooch with a large presence of 2.5in. at it's widest point. The weight is 28 grams heavy. The repousse stands out 7/8th's of an inch thick displaying great depth. Hallmarked as shown and in lovely condition with a very old pin back in excellent working condition. Perfect for collectors of the rosa's design and a love for Matilde Poulat's early designs deeply rooted in old Mexico City repousse.