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    Margot van Voorhies Carr married Antonio Castillo and together they formed Los Castillo where Margot became noted as a world class designer of jewels. She divorced Antonio and opened her own taller named Margot de Taxco. This necklace is her first design upon her opening. Hammered and with niello in the center it is winding and snake like. A thick rim gives boundaries to it's borders. The finished look is rich and bold with the necklace having a wearable of approximately 17in. The weight has a heft of 100 grams. The drop is 4in. tall and 4in. across. This is an important piece to collectors because it is the beginning of an important career of Margot and her taller Margot de Taxco. Perfect condition with no damage, just LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!

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    This old pre-1948 Anton pendant is a remarkable 3 inch diameter circle with a beautifully carved masquette in its center of glowing obsidian. The glow carries straight down the center of the face in the sun. The size of the masquette is 1in. x 10/16in. The base is hammered and then the eagle is applied in layers delivering a design that weighs 84 grams heavy. The workmanship is impressive and the condition is as well with no chips or damage.

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    This is Hector Aguilar's monumental book piece that splashes color and design out of the ball park. The piece is 1 3/8ths at the widest point and tapers to .50 at it's smallest. The weight is 88.2 grams and features an I.D. back that slides open to get into this incredible bracelet. Properly hallmarked as shown it has 7 stones and because of how the slide in the back opens I can not lay all out in a line. This is an ideal slide back because it keeps you from clinking the stones on a table or whatever our busy day bumps us into. Please email me for more pix if desired. There are no cracks or damage only the natural matrix within the stones. There are no dents but shadows cast from the bezels onto the balls and vice versa on the bezels. The colors range from browns,greens,various hues of blues and more. Absolutely incredible!