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We strive to find Mexican silver, Vintage, antique and some newer jewelry that sets itself apart from the rest! Please contact us at LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! as we are always buying older Mexican silver.

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    This Los Ballesteros bracelet is covered with jewels of dark red, turquoise, light blue and amethyst purple. The face front is 1 5/8th in. tall and the inner diameter is 2.25 which will fit most. It curves the wrist with a perfect oval and is comfortable to wear. It is a striking and substantial bracelet as it weighs a huge 132 grams heavy. Properly hallmarked as shown and the stones are all open backed to allow light through the stones. It is topped off with hand chased stars all around the bracelet. No chips or cracks or damage. Shine it if you like or leave the warm, natural patina.

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    This is an early design for Margot de Taxco and it is the perfect brooch to top a button front shirt. Gorgeous in it's detail with repousse teardrops and beaded repousse flourishes. The weight is 19.5 grams of very heavy construction. The brooch is 2 inches across at the widest point at the top and also 2 inches long as well. Masterfully executed and quite desirable.
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    Sometimes we find an unsung hero who crafted an exceptional Vintage Mexican Silver piece of jewelry. That is what we have today. It is overall small but has a big presence. Suited for career wear and definitely the board room. The weight of this jewel is a mere 35 grams but keep reading because everything about this necklace is quality. Thick bezels on the 7/8th inch tall drops, 9 well cut purple candy amethysts and thick silver used everywhere else. I think the drops may be a pear with a stem. The ornamental bead work is minute and perfect. Marked SILVER MEXICO on the hook and having a length of 16.5 inches of wearable length just, LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!