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  • Margot de Taxco number 5676 is never seen. The very thick repousse clamper is 63 grams and that is quite a lot for an airy design. Each part of the swirls front surface is slightly concave making an indented swoosh. The face is 2.75in. and the wearable is a 2 3/8th's inches diameter. The spring is tight with no dents or repairs. This bracelet has been kept in pristine condition. There is glare and reflection from the lights. The transformation from design to incredible happens the moment the piece is seen on.

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    Presenting a very rare Antonio Pineda bracelet of a glyph design that exhibits a strong presence with heft to the feel of the wrist at 110 grams. The height is 1.5in. at it's widest point. The stones range in color with the lighting that captures them. The links are thick repousse with the wearable length at 6.5in. The bracelet is free of dents and no chips to the amethyst cabochons. This never seen Pineda design is appropriately hallmarked as shown with an older eagle 17 and older style crown, circa 1953 which is documented in Bille Hougart's LITTLE BOOK OF MEXICAN SILVER TRADE AND HALLMARKS. The Z on the left side in the hallmark picture is slightly larger than the other as it has slid FORWARD and deeper in the strike. I have added a second pix for more clarity. The word SILVER is partially hanging out underneath the hinge which is covering most of it. Please contact me for any questions or more information on this bracelet. This is museum and collector quality. Simply stunning!
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    This Spratling necklace is 18.5in. long and 1.25in. wide. Weighing in at 166 grams this is a large piece with a bold and striking presence. It is comfortable to wear because of the longer length. Appropriately hallmarked for William Spratling and dating the piece from around the 1940's. The last pix is a "looks good with" photo of a Spratling cuff already listed on my site. Collector quality and in perfect condition just, LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!