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We strive to find Mexican silver, Vintage, antique and some newer jewelry that sets itself apart from the rest! Please contact us at LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! as we are always buying older Mexican silver.

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    This 15in. Heavy 2.68oz necklace is a classic Taxco design, The link is .75in. wide and it is double signed. Once with Rubi Ramirez and secondly with the rare script inside a horseshoe Rancho Taxco Viejo. Please share any info you might know about Rancho Taxco Viejo hallmark as we would like to ascertain and more accurately date this item. This is almost pure silver as you can feel it and see it. The links are thick and in excellent condition. A real treasure. Just, LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!
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    An outstanding heavy piece of art standing 2 inches tall and weighing 73 grams heavy boasting a modernistic design that flows beautifully. Going from 2in. to 1.5in. in the back, the darkened recesses and sheer size make the piece a standout. It has a hinged back and a front that opens with a squeeze. The closure snaps 2 tabs over a bar. Built strong with no issues what so ever. A piece for the office or fun. Hallmarked as shown reflecting a pre-1948 treasure that is collector quality.
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    Doris Silver has become known for buying the very best designs made by highly skilled artists of the era. This piece is no exception and I could not in the space given even begin to brag on how fabulous this treasure is. The wearable length is 16in. with the weight being 75 grams heavy. The repousse has great depth and dimension and at many points is 6mm. puffy. The drop consists of 3 links that span 5 inches wide and is over 1.6 in. tall in the center. Condition is superb with no dents or damage of any kind. Very rare and very elegant, just LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!