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  • Margot de Taxco 5676 Mexican Silver Clamper Bracelet

    Marcel Boucher trained in Paris with Cartier and traveled to Taxco. He set up his shop Parisina and produced for a short time. The necklace and bracelet is 1.25in. tall. The necklace is 16.5in. long and the bracelet is 7.5in. long. Condition is free of any damage and is collector quality. The two hook together for a luxurious 24in. long strand of thick chain. One ring is twisted rope and the other ring is smooth creating a depth to the design. Timeless, just LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!

  • Margot de Taxco 5676 Mexican Silver Clamper Bracelet

    This is a pre 1948 treasure made of carved obsidian in the oldest form of hand cutting to the stones. All stones are different in size and shape and the necklace length is 16in. It is hallmarked "SILVER MEXICO". The chain is large scale with the links being 7/8ths x 1/4in. The drop is composed of 7/8in. squares. It is magnificent with the weight being 90.5 grams. I love to see the quality of workmanship that this piece displays. Fabulous, LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!

  • Margot de Taxco 5676 Mexican Silver Clamper Bracelet
    Early in the career of the Los Castillo taller there were these "artifact" necklaces made. They were all different based on the beads, discs and pre Colombian objects collected. Each piece is truly one of a kind. All that I have found are all hallmarked as shown here. These are not to be confused with similar pieces made after 1980 by Los Castillo and marked with the latter version taxation marks. (Example MS-12) This one has what appears to be a really superb piece of a Mexican jade disk that looks to be imperial. The beads are sterling silver rounds and saucer shapes. The ancient stone beads are off round with differing sized holes made by hand. The large round base that holds the elements together is solid sterling and marked as such. The copper ball in the center of the disk holds the blade with dangles and will spin a full 360 degrees. The sections on the blade are mixed metale of brass, copper and silver with a light brass backing and made by Los Castillo's Taller. Holding in hand you can see the slices of mixed metals on the pendulum's side. The wearable length is a good 16in.long. This is a statement maker as the drop is 3.5in. tall with dangles. The ancient jade disk has a 1 5/8 in. diameter. The weight is 104 grams heavy. There are no chips or damage. To own one of these is truly a treasure, just LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!