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    What a wonderful Matl / Matilde Poulat ring this is. The size is approximately an 8.5 currently and it is capable of being sized by an experienced silver smith. The face front is 1 1/8in. x 1 1/8in. It is deep, being one half inch up from the finger. The weight is 16 grams heavy and it is one of the largest Matl rings that I have held. The turquoise is blue to greens of color and the coral is deep red with a very clear amethyst cabochon centering the piece. The birds are with full tail displayed and quite different than the regular doves that earmark her work. The hallmark is Matl, Mexico and 925 and it is a pre-1960 masterpiece wrought when Matilde was alive. This ring is not just rare it is SUPER rare and a definite choice for a Matl collector.
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    Pear shaped black onyx stones spark this graceful pre-1948 necklace and bracelet set. Hallmarked as shown with the initials E.D.P. whom I have owned several of his works and they are all well executed and this one is no exception using rivets on the necklace links. The bracelet is 7in. long and 1.25in. wide. The necklace has a 16in. wearable and is .75in. tall. The pear shaped onyx is 9mm. x 4mm. The set weighs 80.5 grams. Gorgeous just, LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!
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    I am so pleased to list this impressive bracelet on my site. By far the most incredible piece of repousse story teller that I have ever seen. It is a MASSIVE 101gm and 2in. wide bracelet in marvelous condition. The 5 panels depict a different scene in each of daily life. Please look at all the pictures and see the intricate repousse and great detail in each panel. Each panel is slightly curved and with that curve it adds length to the inside wearable and it is a very comfortable 7in.long. This is truly collector and museum quality.