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Jan 20 2020
We are witnessing fewer and fewer Old Mexican Clamper bracelets on the market place. The age for these is upward 70 years old now. The springs inside are now worn out. The facilities where you could buy a new spring now say they are... Read more

  • Nov 20 2019
    The answer is yes. Many items may be larger or smaller than others of the same design.  Antonio Pineda based many of his designs by how many stones he needs that are available within a size range. A good... Read more
  • Jul 01 2019

    How do you know what an item should cost? Why are 2 pieces made by the same maker have differing prices? Why does the exact design have wide variances in their prices? The prices reflect what is paid to an individual, auction... Read more

  • Jun 20 2019

    89 years have passed since the beginning of the Mexican Silver Renaissance. When collecting these jewels from this era we want beautiful condition and we want them to be as original as can be. Safety chains however could have... Read more