How do you know what an item should cost? Why are 2 pieces made by the same maker have differing prices? Why does the exact design have wide variances in their prices? The prices reflect what is paid to an individual, auction house or an estate. These are never the same exact amounts. Also the strength of the design and individual rarity is part of the equation as dealers go higher for these treasures. To obtain this fantastic realm of art, the sellers spend their time searching all over the world digitally and in brick and mortar stores. I search 7 days a week and mostly never less than 8 hour in a day. I wish it could be like buying nuts and bolts where merchandise is always readily available with a steady price but that is the farthest thing from the truth.

We have just experienced the greatest loss of art our country has ever seen in the past 9 year recession. This is longer than both World Wars and the Great Depression combined. Great quantities of gold and silver art were sold for the precious metal as people were selling anything of value. Most were melted. Now the great quantities that hit the market place during the recession has ceased in the summer of 2017. It stopped as abruptly as it had started. There is simply nothing left but what is held in private estates.  All these factors have affected the market place and we are seeing a drop in the availability of all old and good Mexican Silver Renaissance Art. It is not just Mexican Silver that has been affected but all types of precious metal art from all eras. Condition is a huge determination to the price especially on the identical design of comparing 2 pieces to one another. This really explains itself and I will be writing more about condition in a future blog.

At the end of the day find a dealer whom you trust with knowledge to insure the best price for the condition and rarity of the treasure you love


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