Mexican Silver By Morrill And Berk

William Spratling And The Mexican Silver Renaissance (this is the best book but it is pricey..If you get it for less than 125.00 you have done well)

Silver Masters Of Mexico By Penny C. Morrill

The Little Book Of Mexican Silver Trade And Hallmarks By Bille Hougart

Spratling Silver: A Field Guide By Phyllis M. Goddard

Margot Van Voorhies: The Art Of Mexican Enamelwork By Penny C. Morrill

Dreaming In Silver By Penny C. Morrill

All the books talk of other silversmiths and these will get you a great background of history and pictures of old Mexican silver. These books are mostly written to go along with a museum exhibit and or tour of old Mexican silver. This is where we get the term "Book Piece" that you may see in descriptions for a piece or that it is a published design etc. These books are captivating. Enjoy!

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