Vintage Peruvian Silver Dancers Earrings and Bracelet


This cuff is 3in. tall and weighs 2oz. Textured and with a deep center overlay giving depth of design of the center dancing girl. The sides exhibit a cactus and the other a yucca plant?? The dancer is centered around cutwork designs of bird motifs. This is graduated in size and whomever the signature of a circled H is made this Sooo comfortable. If you are thinking that is to light for something this size, normally I would think so also, but in this case you will find the entire center area is strong and NOT bendable at all and the sides will flex. To whom ever buys this and they find it flimsy I will reimburse you the shipping for trying. This will fit up to at least a 7.5 wrist and their upper forearm. (and maybe more) Smaller sizes just slide up! The earrings are 2.25 in. long and 1.25in. wide. These are light in the skirt and made well with the screw back front is actually a POT SHE IS CARRYING ON HER HEAD! Both the earrings and the cuff are highly decorated. Marked 925 on all. This cuff is soft to the touch as it is higher than 925 and is truly a FABULOUS find! Any blueing is only shadows.

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